Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company Ltd. (MOAMC) is a public limited company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 on November 14, 2008, having its Registered Office at 10th Floor, Motilal Oswal Tower, Rahimtullah Sayani Road, Opposite Parel ST Depot, Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 400025.
Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company Ltd. has been appointed as the Investment Manager to Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund by the Trustee vide Investment Management Agreement (IMA) dated May 21, 2009, executed between Motilal Oswal Trustee Company Ltd. and Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company Ltd.
MOSt Focused Dynamic Equity - Direct Plan – Annually Dividend - 10.0601MOSt Focused Dynamic Equity - Direct Plan – Quarterly Dividend - 10.0601MOSt Focused Dynamic Equity - Regular Plan – Annually Dividend - 10.0176MOSt Focused Dynamic Equity - Regular Plan – Quarterly Dividend - 10.0176MOSt Focused 25 Fund- Direct Plan (D) - 15.69MOSt Focused 25 Fund- Direct Plan (G) - 18.0949MOSt Focused 25 Fund-(D) - 14.8424MOSt Focused 25 Fund-(G) - 17.1717MOSt Focused Long Term (D) - 13.2608MOSt Focused Long Term (G) - 13.2608MOSt Focused Long Term- Direct Plan(D) - 13.6453MOSt Focused Long Term- Direct Plan(G) - 13.6453MOSt Focused Midcap 30- Direct Plan(D) - 20.7216MOSt Focused Midcap 30- Direct Plan(G) - 23.074MOSt Focused Midcap 30(D) - 19.961MOSt Focused Midcap 30(G) - 22.2747MOSt Focused Multicap 35- Direct Plan(D) - 20.7526MOSt Focused Multicap 35- Direct Plan(G) - 20.7526MOSt Focused Multicap 35(D) - 20.2027MOSt Focused Multicap 35(G) - 20.2027MOSt Ultra Short Term Bond Fund-Direct Plan-Fortnightly Dividend Option - 10.0176MOSt Ultra Short Term Bond Fund-Direct Plan-Monthly Dividend Option - 10.0425MOSt Ultra Short Term Bond Fund-Direct Plan-Quarterly Dividend Option - 10.0645MOSt Ultra Short Term Bond Fund-Direct Plan-Weekly Dividend Option - 10.0075MOSt Ultra Short Term Bond Fund-Regular Plan-Fortnightly Dividend Option - 10.0168MOSt Ultra Short Term Bond Fund-Direct Plan- Growth - 12.8241MOSt Ultra Short Term Bond Fund-Direct Plan-Daily Dividend Option - 10.0058MOSt Ultra Short Term Bond Fund-Regular Plan- Growth - 12.5687MOSt Ultra Short Term Bond Fund-Regular Plan-Daily Dividend Option - 10.0143MOSt Ultra Short Term Bond Fund-Regular Plan-Monthly Dividend Payout - 10.0398MOSt Ultra Short Term Bond Fund-Regular Plan-Quarterly Dividend Payout - 10.0662MOSt Ultra Short Term Bond Fund-Regular Plan-Weekly Dividend Option - 10.0099Motilal Oswal Most Focused Dyn Eq Fund (G) - 10.0176Motilal Oswal Most Focused Dyn Eq Fund-Dir (G) - 10.0601

Our Investment Philosophy - Mutual Fund & Portfolio Management Services

About us Our Investment Philosophy

The recommended way to Create Wealth from equity -'Buy Right : Sit Tight'

‘Buy Right' means buying quality companies at a reasonable price and 'Sit Tight' means staying invested in them for a longer time to realise the full growth potential of the stocks.

It is a known fact that good quality companies are in business for decades but views about these companies change every year, every quarter, every month and sometimes every day! While many of you get the first part of identifying good quality stocks, most don’t stay invested for a long enough time. The temptation to book profits at 25% or 50% or even 100% returns in a 1 to 3 year period is so natural that you miss out on the chance of generating substantial wealth that typically happens over the long term; say a 10 year period.

‘Buy Right : Sit Tight’ philosophy emerged from the expertise of our sponsor Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. that experience in equity market research and advisory since 1987. This philosophy drives all our equity products and offerings; be it Mutual Fund or Portfolio Management Services.

  • Buy Right:
    Q-G-L-P approach to buying right stocks

    Q :  Quality of business and management

    G :  Growth in earnings and sustained RoE

    L : Longevity of the competitive advantage / economic moat of the business

    P : Buying a good business for a fair price rather than buying a fair business for a good price.

  • Sit Tight:
    Focus and Discipline

    Buy and Hold: We are strictly buy and hold investors and believe that picking the right business needs skill and holding onto these businesses to enable our investors to benefit from the entire growth cycle, needs even more skill.

    Focus: Our portfolios are high conviction portfolios with 20 to 25 stocks being our ideal number. We believe in adequate diversification but over-diversification results in diluting returns for our investors and adding market risk.

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