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The Turn of the Decade

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  • January 07, 2020
  • Susmit Patodia|
  • Associate Director - PMS
Firstly, Wishing You, Your Family and Your Team A Very Happy New Year And A New Decade

What a finish to the decade it has been - Started with De-Mon to Trump to GST to the Great Slowdown. If you were to cast your minds back to the early part of the decade, it was as tumultuous as today is. It’s almost always like this – Isnt it! That’s what makes our lives interesting and challenging. 

When the offices are near empty, one can take the luxury of stretching their legs and minds to things that are blue sky. While I have spent the last couple of days doing the same, am now taking the liberty of running you through the same as well ?
THE DECADE OF INDIA – There is a very high probability (I would bet >80%) that 2020-30 would be the DECADE OF INDIA. We have everything going for us both from an absolute and relative perspective – Demographics, Access and a Launchpad. The Big Leap to the USD 5 Tn club is within sight  and what an exclusive club it is – China, Japan and USA are the only members

A)Demographics – This has always been the key for any Economy to grow starting from UK in 1900s to US to Japan and lastly China. We are at the beginning of our Demographic Dividend cycle. There are more people who now believe that it may not play out but I am a strong believer in that it will. If you were to study the US in 1980s when they were starting on a similar journey, things were as bad as they are now in India in terms of Unemployment, Civil disturbances. It is always pitch black before the dawn!

B)Access – This has been the biggest leap for India thanks to the mobile revolution. Our biggest issue has been the under-penetration of healthcare, education, and banking infrastructure. JAM trinity and Online Education start-ups have shown us the path towards bridging the gap of physical infrastructure. We sometime under-estimate the digital infrastructure that is now in place and how it will be leveraged

C)Launchpad – Everything can come together but if the country is still very poor or has the wrong social infrastructure, it will not take off. India has a strong federal democracy in place – Recent state elections are a great example of the same and a GDP of USD 2000 per capita is just the right starting speed to achieve escape velocity

If we were to reconnect in 2030, it is very likely that India would be close to a USD 7 Tn GDP and we will all be healthier, wealthier and busier!

Ending this note with my three biggest learnings in the last 12 months

A)COMPOUNDING – We all know and have read about the power of compounding, but you have to internalize it to feel the force. 20% in 10 years is 6x and 20 years is 38x. There is no risk in this equation. The only risk is not sticking around for 20 years!

B)SHOW UP – Whatever one is doing, show up at it every day. It follows from compounding – You can only compound if you are in it. 

C)DON’T BET AGAINST INDIA – If you are going to spend the next 10 years connected with India, don’t bet against it! The simplest and the most important thing that Mr. Warren Buffet did was bet that USA will be better tomorrow than it is today. 

The above ingredients of Optimism, Structural Changes and Long Term Thinking are what we use to create a Q G L P portfolio for our clients. Our endeavor is to compound wealth at an elevated rate for our clients and their investments 

Thanks for the patient reading. HAVE A GREAT YEAR and A GREAT JOURNEY IN THE NEXT DECADE

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