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How frequently do you check your portfolio? Very often or occasionally?

It is essential to manage one’s portfolio  and irrespective of there being no hard and fast rule on monitoring the same, the manner in which an investor checks his or her portfolio can affect the investments and investment strategy. Read below to know the difference between the two approaches;

Investors who constantly monitor their portfolio

As per the above graph, an investor of the first kind checks his or her portfolio too often. There can be different reasons for the investor to constantly monitor the portfolio, one being that the investor is new to the investment space while the most common factor could be that the investor is very conscious of the asset allocation and the performance of his investments. The investor keeps a tab on the market movements and panics during a market crash or a dip. This can affect their financial well-being since the investor is compelled to withdraw his or her money or hastily pull out stocks. This investor has a very short-term approach. To explain this, let’s take the example of a person making ice-cream. Here, he adds all the required ingredients in the correct proportion, sets in a mould and keeps it to refrigerate. However, he frequently opens the freezer and checks the mould too often. His impatience doesn’t let the mixture to freeze and doesn’t get the desired result.

Investors who occasionally monitor their portfolio

The other kind of investor follows a different pattern of managing his or her portfolio. Here again, there could be varying factors for the investor to occasionally glance through the portfolio. One reason could be that the investor has enough experience in the investment domain; while another could be that he or she carefully plans the allocation of their assets and then monitors the portfolio at set intervals. This investor choses to let his investments grow with time and doesn’t panic during market correction. Also, there could be possibilities that the investor relies on the advice of his financial advisor who is experienced enough and gives the investor right advice. It is usually advisable that one should check their portfolio once or twice a year. Taking the example of the ice-cream, this person also mixes the ingredients correctly and places it in the mould. He then puts the mould in the refrigerator and allows it to freeze overnight. It is only until the next morning that he takes a look at the mould and since he allowed it to freeze well; he gets what he planned for.

How do you manage your portfolio?

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