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Investment over indulgence? What’s your preference?

It is crucial to understand the importance of investing before spending. They both provide gains but it is necessary to understand the pattern of your spending cycle in order to invest wisely and yield higher benefits from your investments. Find out the benefits of the two and make the right choice. 

Spending before investing

There are some who believe in spending their earnings lavishly and invest whatever they are left with in the end. This is the first kind of person and is looking for short term satisfaction or short term gains. Spending more than investing will give you immediate satisfaction in the form of the purchased goods or service but it will not hold benefits or add value to your long –term financial goals. This type of person does not have discipline of saving or investing which one inculcates from his early days. His investment concentration is far lesser than his spending pattern. It can be explained simply with this example: When he comes to own a bag of seeds, this person chooses to eat it instead of planting them. 

Investing before spending

The other type of person plans out smartly. He invests first and then spends the remaining sum. He understands the importance of having future goals. He sets them as priority and makes sure his investment concentration is more than saving. He makes a conscious decision to invest a certain amount in various financial instruments while having a minimal expenditure margin. He has the sound knowledge that future expenses partly depends on his current financial plans and change of income in the future. He has the absolute understanding of changing lifestyle expenses and income in the future and safeguards himself by investing more than spending. It can be explained simply with this example: When this person owns a bag of seeds, he chooses to plant it for future benefits.

Do you invest first or spend?

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Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully

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