SIP Booster

SIP Booster

Enhance your wealth creation goals with SIP Booster

Achieve your wealth goals faster. With Motilal Oswal SIP Booster. Whenever you feel you can increase your SIP amount; just activate SIP booster at the click of a button and see how your wealth increases over time

Cash Flow

Motilal Oswal Fixed Amount Benefit (FAB) Plan

The magic of Income Bhi, Wealth Bhi

Living your dreams requires a Plan. A Plan that gives you the freedom to live life on your own terms. A Plan that takes care of your finances while you indulge in your passion. A Plan that provides you with a Fixed Amount for monthly expenses and protects you from market fluctuations.

MOVI Index

MOVI Index

Helps investors gauge the investment attractiveness of the markets.

Most Market indices are price indices that provide market levels. As time elapses, fundamentals of the market change. Therefore, even when markets may be at a certain measured level, they may have become cheap or expensive.

MOVI helps investors gauge the investment attractiveness of the markets. In essence, MOVI helps investors in understanding if the markets are cheap or expensive.

Mutual Fund

Short Blast

Invest in our Funds over the 6 months.

Take advantage of the current volatility by investing over the next 6 months in our equity funds in a systematic manner with a 6-month SIP.

philosphy background

Our Investment Philosophy

At Motilal Oswal, we believe in buying quality companies and riding their growth cycle

Over the last 21 years, our chairman, Mr. Raamdeo Agrawal has been analyzing the equity market that helped him evolve a unique and focused stock-picking process

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