What is Motilal Oswal Fixed Amount Benefit Plan (FAB)?
Motilal Oswal Fixed Amount Benefit Plan (FAB) plan works on Systematic Withdrawal Option (SWP) framework, which enables you to withdraw a fixed amount at a predefined frequency and tenure from your investment. With Motilal Oswal FAB Plan, you can select a Fixed Amount of Withdrawal from investment by opting a withdrawal rate on initial investment amount. Once the request is registered as SWP with us, customers will continue to receive the pre-decided withdrawal amount as per defined frequency and tenure in their registered bank account. The withdrawals are processed from invested capital or return on the capital and shall continue to be paid out till the residual investment amounts are available in customer folio. You can therefore enjoy fixed amount withdrawal irrespective of the movement in the market value of the investments.
FAB Features
FAB Features
Flexiblity of Lumpsum
Customize percentage
of your withdrawals
Set frequency of withdrawals:
• Annually • Quarterly • Monthly
Select tenure of
your withdrawals
Decide start of your

Perfect combo of regular
income & wealth creation

Great tool for expense &
lifestyle management

Suitable for several goals
including retirement


one crore

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FAB a good option for steady revenue?

FAB is an excellent option to earn a steady revenue. You get to choose the amount and frequency of withdrawals. It is ideal for investors seeking a constant source of income from their investments.
While FAB guarantees a steady source of income for retirees, it also comes with its fair share of risks. As a retiree, you need to understand how the rate of return in a mutual fund works and the withdrawals required to maintain your lifestyle after retirement. Having a combination of other securities along with an SWP is a good idea for retirees.