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5 Key financial tips for adolescents and young professionals

It surely is a wonderful feeling to be financially independent and to be able to make your own decisions. It usually begins with young adults graduating first and then moving on towards building their careers. As they begin working and earning; there is a euphoric feeling that doesn’t make one feel financially and socially independent but also a sense of responsibility as the chickens have finally hatched. However, apart from all the fun and games, it is equally important to utilize the finances efficiently. Read 5 Key financial tips for adolescents and young professionals here;

Oh don't you spend all of that

So there’s a giddy feeling when you achieve the financial freedom you’ve always dreamt of. As you receive your first salary and subsequent paycheques, you feel confident and elated. Quite often, this doesn’t pay off very well for everyone though. As exciting it is to be able to spend all that money on yourself or your loved ones, there should be a statutory warning flashing every time you think of spending those hard-earned bucks. Don’t fall prey to being financially over-independent because if you recklessly spend all your earnings you might not have anything left when you want money the most. So, question yourself every time whether or not you need what you’re planning to purchase. This way you can have enough money in your savings repository. 

Score your goals!

The feeling of being financially independent gives little emphasis is laid on the importance of future planning, and saving won’t help much either. Taking the example of future education, one needs to be thorough with the kind of expenditure one would have to make for getting into a university or other reimbursements. Similarly, if one wants to start their own business, an account of expenses needs to be kept in mind. Goals vary from person to person, based upon their needs and aspirations. There could be one single goal or a variety of goals. To achieve these goals, one needs to have a strong planning and financial backing. So investing early can help you win your goals on time. By investing in Mutual Funds via Systematic Investment Plan or other facilities, you could be able to acquire whatever you yearned for without struggling much for it. 

Be systematic, start investing, and make a plan – SIP!

So your savings are definitely not going to be enough in this ever-growing plague of inflation. As the prices of commodities are increasing day by day, and there’s a drastic difference in the value of basic goods now compared to what they were back then in the days; it is quite possible that the prices of basic goods will shoot up in the coming years too. What might help control inflation at one’s personal level is by investing in Mutual Funds via Systematic Investment Plan. The compounding impact of such investments over long periods may help you beat inflation by a comfortable margin. Also, SIP helps investors develop a sense of discipline. The early you invest, the better in the long run.

Money that guards you

So what happens if you fall sick? What happens if you are forced to face an unforeseen circumstance? Do you have the resources to protect you from the catastrophe? Do you have answers to all these questions? Well, no one wants to be in horrible situations like these but to overcome them, not only do you require courage and moral fibre, but very honestly, a cash reserve as your savings might not be enough. Now a cash reserve or a contingency fund is a repository for your emergency situations and does not happen overnight. With all the savings and surplus money, one can easily build a contingency fund over the time. Read  to know more on how to build a contingency fund 

Don't fall in the honey trap

With the advent of technology, there is a lot of communication available across the internet with regards to making money in a short span of time, or investing in schemes that will double your money. While some of these schemes could be genuine, a lot of these are ‘Ponzi schemes’. Ponzi schemes are false and the objectives of these are to extort money and other confidential information. These Ponzi schemes or scams can extend to your bank account or investments. One needs to check the authenticity of such websites or pages. In terms of Mutual Fund investments, one should duly check the guidelines and authenticity of the channel via which one plans to invest. 

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