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5 Key Secrets of Focused Portfolios

You must have heard, too many cooks spoil the broth. Similarly, while making a portfolio, remember, too many stocks spoil the performance of the portfolio. If you are an equity investor, in quest of knowing everything about everything you end up knowing nothing. This is more probably because your portfolio may have a higher number of stocks while you aren’t really able to concentrate on any. You don’t need 100 stocks to make money, 15-20 good names will do the trick. Wealth creation in equity is an art; let us inform you about the 5 Key secrets of focused portfolios

Risk diversification

Focused Stock Portfolio

Having a portfolio with multiple stocks does not really help you diversify risk. Studies show that the risk is inversely proportional to the total number of stocks in the portfolio. Let us simplify it further, the graph here shows a reduction in risk as the number of stocks rise but after 20 stocks in portfolio risk remains constant. The stocks after the first 20 will have no change in risk showing the minimal risk. Considerably, having too many stocks does not really add up to your portfolio for a long term wealth creation.

Long Tail stocks in portfolio

Stock Market Investor Guide

You just need adequate quality stocks in your portfolio and then you’re set to sit tight and hold onto your holdings for years to reap the benefits. The long tail stocks bring down the quality of your portfolio and impact the overall performance of your portfolio in long-term compared to the focused stocks in your portfolio.

Focused Portfolios have higher conviction

High conviction investment

Too many stocks in your portfolio signify lesser conviction, hence it may adversely affect the qualitative portion of stocks in your portfolio. Focused portfolios are scientific and process driven portfolios with higher probability of being right. Unlike the long tailed portfolios, focused portfolios stick to fundamentals and it’s not a spray and pray game.

Focused portfolios are easier to manage

Focused Portfolio

Let’s consider an example of a classroom, a smaller number of students with a similar approach to studying together would give a better overall result than a class of 100 students with different approaches to studies. This is the result of focus on overall growth of the class by the trainer. Similarly, the qualitative stocks in your portfolio may give a better overall performance when they are managed well. There is a high possibility of weakening the performance of the overall portfolio due to the stocks which do not do well and tend to be difficult to manage due to higher number of total stocks in the portfolio. Investors with a good wealth creation strategy invest in a few stocks with a great quality and manage the portfolio smartly. They do not want to try and play with the stocks that may not pass their parameters of quality. Thus having an adequate small number of quality stocks is manageable and allows higher opportunities to learn and implement strategies.

Focused portfolios signify quality

Focused Portfolio, Quality Portfolio investing

A focused portfolio must hold the stocks which possess enough potential to give higher returns. A smart investor will not want to dilute her/his concentration on the stocks that do not add a significant value even after considering the power of compounding. Quality of portfolio is also determined by adequate attention given to the stocks in your portfolio. The quality of stocks thus is one of the most important characteristics of the focused portfolios. Focused portfolio serves as a key factor in long term wealth creation. The quality of stocks and the limited number of stocks in the portfolio signify the overall good quality of portfolio and higher conviction for performance and vice versa.

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